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5 Common Mouse Trap Mistakes

By April 26, 2019 February 12th, 2021 No Comments

We make humane mouse traps based on a catch and release mechanism that allow you to catch mice without killing them. You can then release them later at a fair distance away from your house.

We have noticed that a lot of our customers make a few basic mouse traps mistakes because of which the mice get away. We want to talk about the common mouse trap errors that you should know about, so that you don’t make them in the future.

5 Common Mouse Trap Mistakes

#1: Setting the trap in the wrong place.

The most common reason why you’ve still not been able to catch any mice with the mouse trap is because you have set it up in the wrong spot. Mice don’t like open areas. So if you set up the trap in an open space, they are not going to go anywhere near it. Instead, the mouse trap should be placed in the dark corners of the house or the perimeters of the room, or concealed areas such as the back of a cabinet – places where mice actually pass through.

#2: You’re using the wrong food for the bait.

What are you using for bait? Are you using cheese? Bad move. Mice are more attracted to hazelnut spread and peanut butter since they love nuts and seeds. They like foods that are high in caloric content. This means chocolate can be a good bait as well. You can find more details HERE 

#3: You’re loading the mouse trap with too much of the bait.

One mistake people make is to add a lot of bait to the mouse trap. When you do that, the mice can steal some of the bait and still not get caught in the trap. What’s the point, right? A better way to go about it is to add just a small amount of the bait, just enough to attract the mice, but not so much that the bait gets triggered.

#4: Keep your hands off the bait.

Did you know that mice are fully capable of detecting human scent on the traps? When you handle the bait, the bait will have your scent on it. The mice can detect this from a distance. So, always wear gloves when handling a mouse trap. Use glove for preparing the bait, and always have your gloves on when releasing the mice.

#5: Expecting quick results with the mouse trap.

Don’t expect the mouse trap to deliver instant results. Mice are very wary of anything new that lays in their path. They explore the trap for a few days without actually taking the bait. Sometimes the mice take the bait without getting caught. But when they return, they get trapped as they end up gnawing at the whole bait and the trap gets triggered because of that.

We make humane mouse traps that catch mice without killing or harming them. Our mouse traps are basically catch-and-release traps, and are certainly more sophisticated than the traditional models that you’re probably familiar with. Do have a look!