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Best Baits for a Humane Mouse Trap

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Okay! So you’ve decided to get one of our humane mouse traps.

Good move!

Our humane mouse traps will help you get rid of the mice safely and efficiently, without causing the little creatures any harm.

However, here’s the question: What’s the best bait for a humane mouse trap?

You do realize you need good bait to catch the mice. Without good bait, your mousetrap is useless. Here are a few excellent mouse bait ideas that you can use.

5 Best Baits for a Humane Mouse Trap

#1: Peanut Butter.

Mice love peanut butter; they can’t have enough of it. It is their favorite thing in the world, even more than cheese. Make a bait out of a dollop of peanut butter and put a tiny little nut on top of it.
The scent of the butter will attract the mouse and will try to nibble its way through the nut – and that triggers the trap, making it snap.

What if you don’t put a nut on top of the butter? Well, the mice will lick the butter without triggering the trap. You have no idea how intelligent these little creatures are!

#2: Hot Dog or Bacon.

Hot dogs and bacon work as highly effective baits. Mice are attracted by the smell, especially when the hot dog and bacon are cooked and fresh. They are attracted by rotten meat as well.
Mice are omnivorous creatures, and they like all sorts of foods, regardless of the condition. Place the bait carefully in the trap as close to the walls or the hallways where the mice move. That will get them!

#3: Chocolates, Candies, Cakes, or Pastries.

Mice have a sweet tooth and love absolutely anything that has sugar in it; this is a weakness that you can take advantage. Candies make for great mouse baits. Just put a couple of gummy bears into the trap. Cake, pastry, and chocolates make for excellent mouse baits as well.

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#4: Pet Food.

Mice love pet food – they cannot have enough cat food or dog food. They find that irresistible. You may have realized that by now if you have a pet cat or dog at home. Well, you can use this to your advantage. Use cat food or dog food as bait. There is no chance of the mice being able to resist that.

Choosing the right bait is very important, of course, but not as important as choosing the right trap.
If you’re looking for a trap that’s humane, easy to operate, reusable, and safe, CLICK HERE to get the CaptSure® humane mouse trap.

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