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How Far To Release the Captured Rodent?

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We make humane mouse traps for rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks, moles, etc.  Humane mouse traps are the right way to get rid of mice.

We are firmly against the use of rat poison, glue traps and other traditional ways to get rid of rodents as they are inhumane, cruel and unethical. It really does make us happy that a lot of people feel the same way about mouse traps.

People these days have become very conscious about the environment and there is a common understanding that animals should not be allowed to suffer.

That is good! Nature has to take its own course, but using chemicals such as rat poison to kill rodents can be dangerous, especially if you have kids in the family.

However, there is one common question that most people that buy our humane traps for mice, wild rats, squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents have for us.

It is the question of disposal. 

How far to release the captured rodent so that he doesn’t come back?

Here’s the thing about rodents. They always return to a place where they know they can find food and shelter. But if you give them a better alternative, they will look elsewhere.

So when releasing a mouse or a rat, you should take them at least a couple of miles away by your car. That is a bare minimum. Otherwise, they could find their way back.

But even this is no guarantee that the rodents will not come back. Rodents do everything possible to return to a safe place where they can find enough food. They can traverse long distances to get to a safe and familiar spot where they can access food easily.

That’s why it is all the more important to take them as far as possible away from your house and release them in a park or an open space in the wild where they can find other food sources. If the rodent gets access to a safe spot where he can find sufficient food, he will stay there happily.

What about squirrels and chipmunks?

Releasing squirrels and chipmunks is more of a problem because they travel very fast and cover long distances with absolute ease. In some countries, such as the UK, it is actually illegal to release a squirrel that you have trapped. It has to be given to a pest control company who kill it in a humane way and dispose it off for you.
That’s really the best way to dispose of squirrels. Call a pest control company as soon as you’ve been able to trap a squirrel. They will know what to do with it.

Remember: Humane trapping has to be done properly. If the rodents are trapped for too long, they could die of shock, hyperthermia or dehydration. That’s why you should check the mouse traps every now and then and take steps to release them as soon as possible.

We make humane mouse traps that catch mice without killing or harming them. Our mouse traps are basically catch-and-release traps and are certainly more sophisticated than the traditional models that you’re probably familiar with.

Do have a look!

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