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How To Find a Lost Hamster?

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find lost hamster

Hamsters are extremely good at hiding and seek, especially the “hide” part. They can run away during play, or run away for their cage and get lost. They fit into small spaces and disappear quickly – so the finding can be rather tricky. Here are a few tips to help you track you find your furry friend:

Where To Look For a Lost Hamster?

The search for your hamster should start the moment you noticed it’s gone missing. It’s probably scared and is looking for a safe hiding spot.

  1. Start your search near the hamster’s cage. Be thorough and check behind and under furniture, down the sofa sides, and under cushions.
  2. Make sure to look inside storing furniture like cabinets, drawers, shelves, and bookcases.
  3. Look inside the items stored in them for holes that the hamster might be hiding in.
  4. You should also check inside all the boxes you have in your house (yes, even inside the tissue box).
  5. Check the undersides and backs of appliances for holes that your lost hamster could’ve climbed in.

Tracking a Lost Hamster:

  • Hamsters are night creatures, so make sure to look for them at night.
  • Place a pile of pre-counted sunflower seeds in each room and note which gets eaten. Around the sunflower seeds collection sprinkle a bit of flour or cornstarch on the floor. Check for footprints to find out where your hamster was last night.
  • Sprinkle some of the cornstarch or flower across doorways and in front of any potential hiding spots.
  • Lay aluminum foil on the floor, then hide in the dark and listen for a sound.
  • Tie a long string on a peanut and follow it.

Catching Your Hamster:

sometimes it’ll be hard to locate your hamster let alone find them, so you’ll need to set them a trap, to safely catch them:

  1. Sometimes leaving their cage open on the floor with a supply of fresh food, near its usual location. You might have to stay late at night to close the cage door as soon as the hamster returns.
  2. Set up a bucket trap – Place the bucket on the floor, and inside it place, a thick towel. On the towel, place a tasty treat, like a cracker with peanut butter. Make a staircase to lead te mouse into the bucket trap using stacked books. The hamster will climb into the bucket, looking for food, but it’ll be unable to climb out. Make the treat tempting so it won’t think twice before jumping.
  3. As a last resort, use a human-mouse trap like this one and bait it with peanut butter.

When trying to find your hamster, remember to be patient, don’t give up too quickly. Hamsters can manage on their own quite well for several days feeding on crumbs or stored food from their cheek pouches.

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