CaptSure®’s Story

We Create Humane Traps To Save Animals

Mice Smelling in Fields

We founded our company because we genuinely believe that no animal should be treated with the cruelty that is caused by traps and the poisons used for capturing rodents that the market has to offer. The look of a little mouse, stuck in a glue trap for hours, struggles with his last strength, horrified, is heartbreaking and unnecessary, especially when there are humane traps and other humane solutions.

Our Mission

We Want To Save As Many Animals While Solving Your Problem In The Best Possible Way

We realize rodents pose a problem. If that wasn’t the case, the most humane thing would have been to let them stay in our property with us. But unfortunately, they make a mess, eating through bags and furniture and most dangerous – They carry diseases. But, this doesn’t mean we have to murder them brutally or to remove them from our property.

Are Rodents Really Worth It?

Every Animal Deserves To Live The Best Life Possible. But, You'll Be Suprised To Hear How Cute Rodents Can Be.

Mouse are almost humane

Here are some fun facts quoted from PETA’s website:
Rats love to be tickled, and they make chirping noises that sound like laughter.
Mice and rats are so smart that they can recognize their names and respond when called.
Rats naturally have a pleasant perfume-like scent.
Rats have excellent memories, and once rats learn a navigation route, they never forget it.

Why should you support our product?

Because we created the CaptSure® trap for the right cause – to prevent any harm caused to rats and mice while keeping your house rodent-free, clean and healthy!

We are excited that each day, hundreds of people around the world, buy our traps, and choose to save animals. Your passion motivates us to keep finding new solutions for household problems while keeping the animals safe and you satisfied.